Abortion Pill Pretoria

Abortion Pill Pretoria

We respect every individual’s right to choose, we have been providing abortions with respect, honesty, and care since earliest of time. Abortion is the most commonly performed outpatient procedure and is statistically 9 times safer than childbirth. If you are considering an abortion pills, please get in touch with our abortion clinic and women’s clinic for help.

Abortion Pills

There are two ways of ending a pregnancy: abortion pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy and surgical or in-clinic abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, no matter your personal circumstance, income, or age. We provide free abortion pregnancy tests, as well as no-cost abortion options if you qualify.

Making A Choice

Sometimes getting pregnant can have serious consequences; the mother’s age, lifestyle issues, domestic violence, substance abuse, health problems, lack of resources or no support may make it impossible to consider having a child. One of the most important and valuable aspects of Sivana Women’s Abortion Clinic is its ability to inform and educate pregnant women on all the options available to her: Abortion,

Abortion is an alternative that is offered to pregnant women who want or need to end an unwanted pregnancy. Sivana Women’s Clinic has been providing abortion services with respect, honesty and a high level of professional care for a long time.

Medical Abortion(Abortion Pill)

(Up to 10 weeks)


  • Have an abortion in the privacy of your home, or a place that is comfortable to you.
  • Prefer to have the choice of being alone to having others with and around you during the abortion process.


  • Time period includes 3-4 hours at sonogram, counseling, and meeting with a provider, and 48 hours at home.
  • Extreme pain, cramping and bleeding and, sometimes, nausea, diarrhea or chills.
  • Heavy bleeding and cramping during the passing of the pregnancy.
  • Only 91-95% effective, may require repeat medical abortion (medication abortion) or surgical abortion.

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