After Care

After Care

Post-Abortion Instructions

At Sivana Women’s and Abortion’s Clinic, our main priority is to provide the best care to our patients. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you have any problems or questions. Before undergoing your abortion procedure you will meet with your board certified OB/GYN to go over the procedure and post-procedural instructions in detail. You will be able to ask questions and go over every step of the abortion process. You will also be provided with detailed written instructions for your reference. If you have any concerns after your abortion and would like to see a doctor you will be evaluated by your certified physician without any extra charge.

Post-abortion instructions
Aspiration Procedure Abortion Pill
How soon can I resume to normal activity? Immediately. After cramping subsides, this is usually between 1 and 4 hours
How heavy will my bleeding be? Lighter than a period. You will have bleeding for two weeks. You will experience mostly light bleeding and spotting.
How bad is the cramping? Cramping is reduced as time goes by. You will endure a couple of hours of normal period cramping and then it usually goes away.
Do I feel any pregnancy symptoms? Nausea decreases after a couple of hours after the procedure. You will feel nausea but it goes away within days after taking the first pill.
What precautionary measures should I take? Do not insert a tampon or engage in intercourse within 24 hours of the procedure. Do not insert a tampon or engage in intercourse for 24 hours after taking the second set of pills.

After an Aspiration Procedure or taking the Abortion Pill, most women feel better immediately and are able to resume to their normal activities. The Aspiration Procedure and the Abortion Pill are non-surgical methods, therefore after the procedure, you do not need to heal as you do after a surgical procedure. It is normal to have period-like cramping and bleeding for days after the procedure.

After the Aspiration Procedure women experience different bleeding patterns, such as light bleeding, spotting, bleeding like a period, bleeding heavier than a period, or no bleeding at all, all of which are normal. Blood clots with brown and/or red blood are all normal. Bleeding that stops and starts are also very normal. There are bleeding patterns that are not normal and if you experience the following you should call our office for an evaluation:

  • Bleeding associated with severe cramping
  • Daily bleeding that lasts more than 3 weeks
  • Sudden heavy bleeding soaking more than one maxi pads an hour, with or without clots.
After the Abortion Pill women usually experience light period-like bleeding for two weeks. This is completely normal after taking the Abortion Pill. It is important to know that you can get pregnant during the time that you bleed after you have taken the pills. Birth control should be started right after the one week follow up to make sure you avoid another pregnancy. Certain signs to watch out for and if experienced you should call the doctor are:


  • If you persistently bleed and you have had anemia or a low blood count before you took the pill
  • Sudden heavy bleeding exceeding 2 pads in one hour
  • Daily bleeding heavier than a period
Symptoms of Pregnancy After your Abortion

Pregnancy symptoms are eliminated sooner after an Aspiration Procedure than with the Abortion Pill. Within four hours of the Aspiration Procedure, your pregnancy hormones will decrease by 50%. Symptoms like nausea are typically gone by the next morning. With the Abortion Pill, pregnancy hormones decline more slowly, so it can take days before symptoms start to decline.

Nausea is usually the first symptom to subside after ending a pregnancy, which should occur within 24 hours of the abortion. Moodiness sometimes may increase after an abortion and will take several days to subside. It can take one or even two weeks to feel “back to normal.” Breast tenderness and fullness is usually the last symptom to go away. It usually takes around one to two weeks to go away but can last longer if the breasts are stimulated. Breast milk or discharge can last for months.

Some of the medications that may be prescribed after an Aspiration Procedure or an Abortion by Pill are the following:

  • Doxycycline – This is an antibiotic to prevent infection. It is to be taken twice a day for 7 days, 12 hours apart and ALWAYS with food. Avoid sun tanning and tanning beds while taking this medication. If you are breastfeeding you should not take Doxycycline. Please let us know so we may substitute another antibiotic.
  • Pain Medication – We will prescribe pain medication to take as needed.
  • Ergonovine – This medication is to contract your uterus and control bleeding. It should be taken every 6 hours if your bleeding is heavier than the bleeding you experience during menstruation. It may cause some cramping in the lower abdomen, back or legs.

You may go back to your normal activities directly after the procedure with an Aspiration Abortion. When taking the Abortion Pill you may need a couple of hours to recover but most women return to normal activity shortly after the miscarriage. To prevent infection, do not douche or have intercourse for 48 hours after the Aspiration Procedure or the Abortion Pill. You may take a bath or go swimming in a pool directly after.

Emergency Information

A doctor is on call and available to our patients 24 hours, 7 days-a-week.
You may call us at our Pretorilocationion at +27 79 285 3425. Or you can WhatsApp at +27 79 285 3425

After Abortion Frequently Asked Questions

Sivana Women’s and Abortion’s Clinic is recognized as one of the nation’s leading private practice abortion providers with over 30 years of experience in abortion care. At Sivana Women’s and Abortion’s Clinic, we provide safe, gentle and private early abortions.

At Sivana Women’s and Abortion’s Clinic, our primary goal is to make sure that you make the best possible decision when it comes to an abortion. We are also available to answer any of the questions you may have directly. Please contact us if you would like to speak with an abortion specialist about any of your questions.

I had an abortion over 30 days ago and I still have not gotten my period. Should I be worried?

You should not be worried, it is normal to have irregular periods after ending a pregnancy. In some cases, menses does not come back for six to eight weeks after an abortion. If you do not get your period after two months schedule an evaluation with one of our certified OB/GYN’s and we will make sure everything is normal. When your period does not return the only thing to be concerned about is a failed abortion or a new pregnancy.  However, since we require a checkup after the abortion you can be reassured that your abortion was successful. After an abortion, pregnancy tests can indicate positive for three to four weeks. Therefore, it is difficult to tell if you are pregnant. If you suspect you are pregnant, please call Sivana Women’s and Abortion’s Clinic to make an appointment. We will be happy to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

I have been bleeding for a month after a surgical abortion. Is that normal?

It is typical to bleed after a non-surgical abortion. However, you should not continue to bleed for longer than a month. If you are bleeding for longer than a month please call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our certified OB/GYN. The only concern with bleeding for a month or longer is that there is a possibility of having retained tissue. Other symptoms of retained tissue involves on and off abdominal cramping, passing clots, or a discharge with a foul odor. Retained tissue does is not harmful to the uterus. However, it is possible that you will need a repeat procedure. If this is the case we will perform the procedure again free of charge.

Can I get pregnant after an abortion?

Yes, you can get pregnant after an abortion. In fact, women can get pregnant within weeks after an abortion, therefore, it is important to use an effective method of birth control in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. It is crucial to know that ovulation can occur at any time, even while you are bleeding. If you DO want to get pregnant and you have had an Abortion Pill or the Aspiration Procedure, you can conceive right away.

How can I be sure if I am pregnant again after an abortion?

Pregnancy test often stays positive for a three to four weeks after an abortion. Therefore it is hard to tell if you are pregnant. The best way to be sure if you are pregnant is to make an appointment with our office and have a board certified OB/GYN confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound and specialized blood test.

I am pregnant right after an abortion. Should I be worried?

There are no concerns about either ending the new pregnancy or continuing the new pregnancy. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy having a second abortion is completely safe. There is no research that repeat abortions cause any problems for a woman’s future fertility. Additionally, if you decide to continue the pregnancy there is no need to be concerned. If your uterus is ready to conceive then it is also ready to carry the pregnancy.