Abortion Clinic in Deerness

Abortion Clinic in Deerness

Sivana Womens Clinic +27792853425 is the No. 1 abortion clinic in Deerness. We offer approved safe medical abortions and womens health services.

Abortion Clinic In Deerness, offers superior private early abortion solutions. We are a private abortion alternative to planned parenthood.

Specializing in early pregnancy, offer abortion counseling and review important abortion facts with you. Our office provides an environment that is safe and private, where our Doctors offer compassionate and expert care.

We believe that an abortion is a private matter, and just like any other medical condition, it is treated that way.

We specialize in non-surgical abortion, medical abortion, the abortion pill, aspiration abortion and natural abortions. Our private abortion doctors are trained with the most modern technology and safest abortion methods that most abortion centers do not offer. Consequently, we are recognized as a leader in abortion care with over 3 years of experience.

Our Offers Private early abortion solutions

At Sivana abortion clinics we schedule each patient privately, so there is minimal waiting time to see your physician. This way we make sure that we do not have overlapping appointments and the care we provide to each patient is private and confidential. By treating our patients this way we assure that there are no busy waiting rooms, no overwhelmed staff and we are able to maintain a 1-1.5 hour office appointment, Visit our abortion clinic in Pretoria.

Our Abortions Women’s Clinic provides legal abortion services using abortion pills We have a team of professional gynecologists & nurses who treat all our clients with distinctive care and the utmost respect

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